Jan 172014

Home Bartop Arcade Machines

No man cave is complete without 5000 arcade games and hundred of console games from the 80s and 90s.

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Beer Bottle Grip

Tired of grasping regular, boring ol’ bottles directly? Well slip that bottle into whatever this thing is and worry no longer.

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Can Crusher

Your friend is saving up thousands of pop cans so that he and his friend can load them on a mail truck and exchange the cans for 10 cents each in Michigan.  The caveat is that the barcodes have to be readable.  This’ll show him.

Easy Crush Can Crusher

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Ninite is a service that lets you download and install dozens of programs at once. The pro version takes it a step further and lets you do the same on several computers at the same time.
Check it out

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Cat Repellant

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